"University proceedings. Volga region. Natural sciences” №1, 2013

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An integral estimate of school students’ physical health


L. A. Novikova

The catalogue of angiosperm species in I. I. Sprygin herbarium (Part 4)


V.V.Ryzhakov, M.V.Ryzhakov

Employment of averaged Q-matrices in ecology and biology when diagnosing and forecasting long-life systems with a finite number of states


N. A. Leonova, D.A.Kulakova, S.N.Artemova

The vegetation cover of the upper plateau of the volga upland terrain within the Penza region


V. O. Koz'minykh

Siberian carabid beetle Carabus sibiricus F.-W. (Coleoptera, Carabidae) as the protected coleopteran insect species of the Volga region and the Urals


L.A.Novikova, D.V.Pan'kina

Characteristics of the «Kuncherovskaya forest-steppe» meadow vegetation


N.V. Anisimova, L.N.Savina, O.S.Makoveeva

The school student’s health criteria: statements of physical, mental and social prosperity



Yu. V. Balykova, E. Yu. Kerimov, S.V. Nikolaev, E. M. Slyusarenko

Determination of phase equilibria in the Re-V-Nb-Ta-Cr-Mo-W system at 1375 K using the graph method


N. G. Vilkova, A. V. Nushtaeva

The influence of interfacial tension drop on properties of foams and emulsions stabilized with solid particles


V. N. Selivanov, Yu. P. Perelygin

The universal phosphating solution


A. N. Vernigora, N. V. Volkova

Effect of prenatal stress on the posterity locomotion in open field test and basic carboxypeptidases activities in hypotalamo-pituitary-adrenal-gonadal axis of rates



N. A. Simakova

 Natural resources potential as a factor of region’s social-economic development



 M. L. Zhogova

Climate regularities of Russia in proceedings by K. S. Veselovsky



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